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URL Shortener Custom Domain

Today I’ll show you how to customize your domain to shorten your URL. I am not particularly good at English, I am a lot to bear! Thank you.

Many people know that to shorten the benefits of URLs, I won’t cover the use of URL shortening here. If you don’t understand, please click here.

Let’s start with our shortening tool.

1.Open the custom URL to shorten the site.

2.Click to register Suort . Then log in to the control panel of

3.If you need more features, we are the cheapest website to shorten the business, you can choose to upgrade with $3.99/mo.

4.Click on the Coutom domain and you will see the Add Domain button. Enter your domain above the button, for example:, remember to enter your own domain here.

5.Domain management businesses, such as: Godaddy, create the following:

To point your subdomain name, create a CNAME record and set the value to

To point your domain name, create an A record and set the value to

6.Finally, back to the Dashboard, you can try to shorten any URLs with the domain name you just added. If you have any problems, feel free to contact [email protected]

The tutorial is over, I hope this article is useful to you, thank you!

6 thoughts on “URL Shortener Custom Domain

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