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How to shorten a URL

Suort shorten URL

Brief description of the article: This Article Describes How To Shorten A URL
There Are Many Ways To Shorten The Url At This Time, You Can Use The Following Method Shorten A Url.

  1. Open The Website To Shorten The Website
  2. Paste Or Enter Your Url In The Input Box On The Homepage. Please Copy And Paste The Full Url Into The Input Box On The Homepage Of On The Website That Needs To Be Shortened.
  3. Click Shorten To Get A Shortened Url. You Can Also Add “+” At The End Of The Shortened Url To See Your Link Visitors Anytime, Anywhere.

If You Want To Use The Advanced Features Of Url Shortening, Do The Following:

  1. Open The Website To Shorten The Website.
  2. Click Register, Enter Your Email, Password, Etc., And You Will Be Successfully Registered.
  3. After Logging In To The Website, You Can Choose To Use The Custom Function Shortened By If You Feel That The Free Version Is Not Enough, You Can Upgrade To A Premium Member.

Here Are Some Of The Features Of
 Archived Links
 Expired Links
 Splash Pages
 Overlay Pages
 Tracking Pixels
 Custom Domain
View Traffic Sources In Real Time.
There Are Many More Features To Discover On My Own, I Just Give Some List.

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